Technology Unlimited offers customized solutions
for the food & process industry

Our slogan – ‘for stainless solutions’ – says it all: we operate internationally and offer customised solutions for both the food and process industries.

Technology’s strategy focuses on our collaboration with the customer (co-development). We make your processes run more efficiently. We achieve this through a combination of expertise and innovative solutions. Our long-standing experience and thorough understanding of processing give us the ability to look at stainless solutions from a very different perspective.

The latest news

16 March 2018

Vegetable dosing hopper

The vegetable dosing hopper is a standalone mobile installation with the purpose to transport and dose vegetables into a horizontal mixer.

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7 September 2017

Grain cooker/roaster

In our grain cooker/roaster, the grain is roasted first to release the oils and aromas.

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1 July 2017

New TU service vans on the road

This week, we took delivery of 2 new, grey Vito vans which we will use for service and installation work.

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